Program Information

Our Learning Environment offers morning or afternoon classes for children ranging in age from 2 to 4 years old.  Two, three, and five day a week programs are available for the 2-3 year olds and three or five day a week programs are available for the 3-4 year olds.  Afternoon classes are only M, W, F .  

Our 4th annual Toddler Transition program (for 17-24 month olds) will begin  in January, 2016 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and Saturday morning Famiy & Me classes will begin with Molly Mouse & Playhooray.   We will also be hosting Soccer & Art programs throughout the year. 
Please like us on Facebook for dates and more information.  

Our school year runs from September through June.*    Applications must include a complete and current medical, immunization record, and emergency contact form as well as a one-time registration fee of $75.

We are now registering for our September 2016-17  school year.  Please note, due to space restraints, if you do not attend our Toddler or Nursery School Programs, there is no guarantee of placement in our Preschool Program. 

Please call, e-mail,  or stop by our office to request  an enrollment packet and/or tour.  In addition, inquire about our  6 week Summertime Dreams and Themes  Program. 

Enrollment and Program Information